Hi! I want to start a business of garments, cosmetics or fashion jewellery?

hey the world is now at fingertips. people are getting acquit with internet. so y don't u Online Fashion Jewellery India think of selling ur garments, Cosmetics or fashion jewellery online. if u can tell me how much u can invest based on it i can give some ideas how to go head

if u can invest up to 1lakh u can do the business online . its gonna be Click here worldwide sales.

web designing costs 40000 and domain 5000 and so on. fashion jewellery in india market is very cheap but when u compare with foreign market the same product u can online jewelry store sell for double the price.

i m telling u this based on my survey and experience.

if u haven't got any investment no need to worry dear . try to sell them on ebay but not in indian market sell them in european market . for that u just need to register with ebay uk. As soon as you really want other reports related to SITE TOPIC GOES HERE travel to or today.not ebay india. u can check sales and then planning accordingly. if ur sales are high then take a risk of setting up ur own website and trade. Explore article writer carson dimattia's webpage Fashion Buzzer Jewellery.just remember one thing the product ur selling the display pic and description of that particular product should be attractive. think like a customer or buyer not like a seller.

if u need anymore suggestions or help on license and trading u can contact me on my mail

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    It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks.